MYTRON.ORG Contract Audit

Contract Description

  • Project Name: MYTRON.ORG
  • Contract Address: TSVURZBtHccWWUEoLXXvPfmH42JccZHuGu
  • Website:
  • Contract Type: Decentralized smart contract
  • Audit Type: Full Audit
  • File(s) Audited: mytron.sol
  • The contract source code is verified on Tronscan
    • Contract name: MyTron                    Optimization: Yes with 0 runs
    • Compiler version: solidity 0.4.25        License: GNU GPLv3

Read and write features on Tronscan is designed to assist users in interacting with any smart contract deployed onto the Tron blockchain. The function and nature of the smart contract are defined by the developers of the smart contract respectively.

Read Functions:

1.refRewards: Showing referral rewards [using 0, 1, 2, 3] Showing support address

3.totalInvestors: Total number of wallets that deposited in the contract

4.totalInvested: Total TRX comes in

5.investors: Find investors details using wallet address

6.totalRefRewards: Total rewards have been given as referral bonus

7.withdrawable: Find withdrawable amount using the investor’s wallet address.

8.tariffs: Showing ROI plans [using 0, 1, 2, 3]


Write Functions:

1.deposit: Deposit(invest) in the contract

Usage: Depositing(investing) into the smart contract

Who can use this function: Everybody

1.withdraw: Withdraw dividends

Usage: Withdrawing dividends

Who can use this function: Only investors( deposited wallets)


Requested Audits:

Backdoor check: The contract is 100% decentralized and there is no backdoor for transferring contract balance, changing the functions or any other way has been found.